Print of Aleut Sea Otter Hunt at Sanak Island by Elliot

Aleutians Atlatl Page

Plans and drawings of Aleutian style
Throwing Board and Sea Otter Dart

Aleut Atlatl   

Sea Otter Dart

Modern Atlatl in Unalaska

ISAC Contests

ISAC events held through out the warmer months,
check Events for times and places.

Local ISAC Events

World Atlatl Association International Sanctioned Accuracy Contests

World Atlatl Assoication

Aleut Atlatl

Throwing Boards made during University of Alaska Aleutian Center course in 1999.

UAF Interior Aleutian Campus

Atlatl class displays the finished product.


Testing Throwing Boards

Buzz and Nick test the new Throwing Boards

ISAC September 2000, Unalaska / Dutch Harbor

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