From England                                                      

"Mars Outback" by Mike Campbell
From P. O. Box 230873 Anchorage, Alaska 99523

        Mike is a singer/songwriter/guitarist from Alaska.  He is a gentle giant of a man, with a big smile and a powerful deep voice.  'Back In The Clydesdale' written in support of rich, good tasting, dark beers.  'Hate To See You Go' for his oldest daughter going off to college.  'All My Troubles Go By' - how remembering the one you love, lessens the bad times.  'Iditarod' - the last great race of husky dog sledging.  'Mars Outback' - a light hearted look at what we might find, whenever we look in faraway places.  The lyrics are on the sleeve notes - well worth learning and singing.  The cover is an interesting stone lithography print by his dad, Charles.  We enjoyed meeting and hearing Mike at Broadstairs '05 and look forward to his next U.K. tour.  Don't miss him - we certainly won't.

Kathy & Bob Drage
"Around Kent Folk" Magazine
Issue 15, June/July 2006