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Wilderness Cab

James Lamont, known as Jim owns Wilderness Cab Company. He has been driving since 1985. Most of his driving is done during the summers when people come to visit, camp, and fish and enjoy the great outdoors. He also guides tourists, taking groups of people to see different sights in our area.

Jim's primary service area is the Iliamna/Newhalen communities including the Landing, and the rapids. He also drives to Nondalton Fish Camp.

Wilderness Cab Rates

Newhalen - Iliamna

$10.00(per person)

Newhalen - Rapids

$10.00(per person)

Newhalen - Landing

$20.00(per person)

Newhalen - Non. Fish Camp

$20.00(per person)

Iliamna - Rapids

$10.00(per person)

Iliamna - Landing

$20.00(per person)

Iliamna - Non.fish camp

$20.00(per person)

Airport - Rapids

$5.00(per person)

The route of Wilderness Cab
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