Iliamna Village Council

P.o Box 286 Iliamna Ak, 99606. Ph: (907) 571-1246 Fax 571-1256

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Iliamna became a village in 1923 and was federally recognized as a tribe under Public Law 93-638, enacted in 1972 under ANSCA. The village operates within the 77,000 square acres of Iliamna Natives Limited (INL) territorial land. Tribal status was updated in 1993 by the Secretary of the interior. INL is a profit making organization which funds many activies and operations in the community.

Officers of Iliamna Village Council


Harvey Anelon

Vice President

Lorene Arce


Lisa Reimers


Myrtle Anelon

Sargent of Arms

Tim Anelon

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The staff at Iliamna Village council

Village Administrator

Gerald Anelon

Consultant Specialist

Doug Schrmist

Secretary/Administrative Assistant

Lisa Reimers

Village Public Safety Officer

Henry Anelon

Chap Coordinator

Lorene Arce

Suicide Prevention Coordinators

Andrew Anelon & Tim Anelon

Health Aides

Louise Anelon & Anna Lamont

Comm. Health Rep.

Martha Anelon

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Iliamna Village council is working on community projects and is planning others

Iliamna Natives Limited works to upgrade the community and maintain high standards of living for its inhabitants. Since INL runs its own village, it generates funds which support many of its operations and activities. In addition, INL writes grants to secure funds which provide services to enhance life for those who live in Iliamna. Funding efforts include;

  • Grant writing to improve the Iliamna community, including grants to clean up the area and to monitor the impact of Cominco Mining and other projects which affect the local environment;
  • Preservation of culture, restoring Traditional Dance, story telling to enhance morals, and arts and crafts to pass down to the younger generations;
  • Renovation of the old Iliamna Village Council building to be used as a Community Center;
  • Support the building of a state-maintained road to Nondalton and the installation of a bridge for road access to the village;
  • Support extension of the East/West runway to a 6,000 foot runway with lights;
  • Provide jobs locally and apply for Economic Development grants to promote self-sufficiency among people who live in the community;
  • Implementation of our own housing improvements program under sixty-three percent contracting;
  • Installation of water and sewer lines to five homes this fall for individuals who qualify;
  • Construction of a fish bridge for the breakwater dock to meet permit requirements.

Iliamna Natives Limited is a locally owned and operated corporation which generates operating funds to support its endeavors, like also as write grants to provide opportunities not otherwise available.

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