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Location: Location of the Lodge on Iliamna Lake

Lodging: The Majestic Iliamna Lake Lodge

Prices: You will be staying with us for minimum prices.

Tours: We can take you on many different tours including rapids running and bear watching.

For more information: For more information contact John and Sally Baechler.

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ILIAMNA LAKE LODGE overlooks Alaska's largest lake, world renowned as a trophy fishing region. Lake Iliamna is one of the very few waters in Alaska to receive this designation! The area has many different species of fish, including Rainbow Trout, Dolly Varden, Northern Pike, Lake Trout, Silver Salmon, King Salmon, and the worlds largest Sockeye Salmon run.



ILIAMNA LAKE LODGE is situated right on the shore of Iliamna Lake, in the small town of Iliamna. You will be surrounded by the beautiful Alaskan terrain. Almost any direction you look you will see either the towering mountains of the Alaska Range or the mirroring shine of Iliamna Lake. The town sits right in between two national parks: Katmi National Park to the south, and Lake Clark to the north.


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ILIAMNA LAKE LODGE offers you the finest in resort accommodations. Our gourmet meals are served in a dining room with a 180 view of the magnificent Lake Iliamna surrounded by the grandeur of the towering mountains. The trophy room is ideal for relaxing and socializing. It consists of a well stocked bar and a full entertainment center where you can have a drink or put up your feet up and relax watching a Digital Satellite TV accented with a backdrop of a stone fireplace. There is also plenty of rugged Alaskan atmosphere to send you dreaming of far off places that you might encounter. Our guest rooms have private bathrooms with a bathtub, and a shower. You can choose a room with either a twin or a queen size bed. These are simple necessities that our clients come to expect.


In ILIAMNA LAKE LODGE you will be staying with us for minimum prices. For just $300 per day, per person you will receive all the luxuries listed in the lodgings section. Your day will start off with a hearty breakfast in our beautiful dining room, then you will be transported to either the Newhalen River or up to Lake Clark. While you are fishing you will be served a shore lunch right on the spot. When you have caught your limit you will head back to the lodge via boat or van. When you have reached the lodge you will be given some time to freshen up before you go to the dining room and eat an exquisite dinner. After your dinner you can stay in the trophy room to socialize or just relax in front of the fireplace. Then back to bed until tomorrow, when you will be fishing again.


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ILIAMNA LAKE LODGE offers many different tours ranging from rapids running, to fly out fishing, to bear watching. For fly out fishing we will take you to many different areas for anything from Halibut to King Salmon. Canyon Tours (the rapids running business) will take you up the Newhalen River to fish for salmon in a prime area. Bear watching can be arranged so you will have the chance to watch and capture on film, Grizzly Bears in their natural habitat. Contact John or Sally Baechler for more information.

John and Sally Baechler

P.O. Box 110

Iliamna, AK 99606

Phone: (907) 571-1525 Fax: (907) 571-1525


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