Newhalen Rafts Inc.

Newhalen Rafts, Inc. is a locally owned and operated raft rental business located at the Iliamna airport in Iliamna, Alaska.


Iliamna is located in southwest Alaska on the north shore of Iliamna Lake the largest lake in Alaska and home to some of the best sport fishing and hunting in the world.


The Iliamna area is frequented by the Mulchatna caribou herd. This herd is the fastest growing caribou herd in the state and, at this time, numbers more than two-hundred thousand head.


Rivers in the Iliamna area include: Mulchatna, Stuyahok, Koktuli, Chilkadrotna, Nushagak, King Salmon, Alagnak, and Copper. All of these scenic rivers are great float trips; all offer fantastic fishing; and most offer equally good hunting for moose and caribou.


Newhalen Rafts, Inc. is dedicated to offering fishermen, hunters, photographers, and adventurers alike quality equipment at an affordable price. We use Northwest River Supplies and Achilles rafts. We provide rowing frames, oars or paddles, life jackets, patch kits, pumps, tie straps, throw ropes, and for an additional charge dry bags and coolers.


We work in cooperation with Iliamna Air Taxi, Inc., which is also locally owned and operated. Iliamna Air has a fleet of four Dehaviland Beavers on floats, along with many wheel airplanes. They also are dedicated to offering safe, quality trips at affordable rates.





Newhalen Rafts, Inc.# Rates:

14 ft. raft with paddles: $470.00 per week, $55.00 per day for extra days

14 ft. raft with oars: $495.00 per week, $60.00 per day for extra days

12.5 ft. raft with paddles: $405.00 per week, $45.00 per day for extra days

12.5 ft. raft with oars: $440.00 per week, $50.00 per day for extra days

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If we can be of assistance to you in planning a trip to our great state, or if you are a resident looking for an enjoyable, affordable trip, please do not hesitate to give us a call or drop a letter in the mail.


Our business is your good time!






For more information contact:

George and Funa Hornberger

P.O. Box 113

Iliamna, Alaska 99606

[907] 571-1374



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Created by the Newhalen High School, Michael C.Trefon, and Jaslyn F. Hornberger