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Bunker on Bunker Hill
Bunker Overlooking Dutch Harbor/Unalaska

The Aleutians, known to many as the location of the Forgotten War, was the only U.S. Soil occupied by Japanese soldiers during World War II, the relics of which still cover the landscape around Dutch Harbor/Unalaska.
Gun Emplacement on Bunker Hill.
Pill Box on Ballyhoo Mountain
If you are interested in the history, we can take you to the U.S.S. Northwestern, a scuttled, yet only partially submerged, transport vessel at the head of Captains Bay. If you want to get up close and personal and check out the conditions that the U.S. military faced, we can take you to some of the remaining sites and artillery placements.

We can also arrange tours of the local archeological dig in Margaret Bay, where archeologists are finding objects that date back over 5 thousand years. But be careful they need volunteers and before you know it you just might be helping to unearth an object that hasn't been touched for awhile. Or visit the local Russian Orthodox Church that is now a National Landmark.

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